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World Record for Rudolph Bauer's "Pink Circle" - total: 528,000 Euros


Anticipation hung in the air as South-European Collectors and an American Dealer bid up the Star of the Evening: Rudolf Bauer's "Pink Circle", to a world record price of 528,000 Euros, (the estimate of Lot 5 was 100,000 Euros). When a world record, like in this case, is more than doubled, it announces the coming of age of the entire collected works: The perfect confluence of a beloved Artist, exemplifying his Art at its Highest point, paired with an accompanying body of work and one in very good condition. Here, particularly to consider was also the exceptional provenance which elevated this previously not particularly well-known work to the apex. It was a part in 1939 of the legendary exhibition, the "Art of Tomorrow", the founding moment of the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation. Hilla von Rebay, Guggenheim's advisor and originator of the collection saw Bauer as the greatest Artist of the Time. All factors channeled in the goal directed marketing of VAN HAMs allowed this work to the pinnacle to be promoted.


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